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3 yrs ago you were evicted from 20 Catherine St 13B.  I have your dog.  (Lower East Side)

On Feb 9th 2011, you were evicted from an apartment at 20 Catherine St and your old red pit bull was seized by animal control and taken to the kill shelter. She was really skinny and had bad skin infections, and had been bred A LOT. She'd even had a Caesarian, judging by the scar. They said at the kill shelter she was 12 years old. She also had a lopsided face and it looked like there were a few cigarette burns on her head/ears.

I figure you were having a pretty bad time of it, since you were being evicted. I hope things have gotten better for you in the intervening years. Although it's unlikely you'll ever see this note, I just wanted you to know that I have your dog and she is doing great.

The AC named her Cathy, for Catherine Street. She was held for cruelty investigation (she was REALLY skinny) then immediately put on the kill list, which is the sort of irony that happens at Animal Care & Control every day. I like old dogs and I loved Cathy's little lopsided face. A rescue pulled her for me and sent her north.

She gained weight and recovered from her skin issues. Her coat shines now and you can't see the little round cigarette burn marks any more. We spayed her (her hormones were really out of whack from all the litters she had). She has been wonderful with my young daughter, and our other two dogs. And it turns out she loves to swim! She loves fetch too. If she really was 12 back in 2011, that would make her 15 now but I doubt that as she still will go on long hikes with me, and swim and retrieve balls from the bay until she can barely stand... even though, yes, her face is turning white. She is truly an ambassador for her breed, even people who don't like pits will stop and pat her as she happily wags her tail. She loves to sleep in sunbeams, and is so happy to go on walks or swims she just wags her tail with every step.

She is sleeping next to me as I type this, grunting with joy. In fact, she sleeps on my bed every night. Your dog is an awesome dog. We love her so much. The past three years we've had with her have brought us (and her) so much happiness.

If you do see this, we'd love to know how old she is, and what your name for her was. Also please say a prayer for her, as soon she is going to have mammary surgery to remove some small lumps... unfortunately not spaying a dog and breeding her a lot means she is very likely to get mammary cancer, and Cathy has it. Luckily my vet caught it early, so I am hoping Cathy can spend many more happy years with us. She really is the best dog.

P.S. you can't have her back.

3年前に 20 Catherine Street のアパート#13Bを追い出された方へ。あなたの犬を預かってます。(マンハッタンのローアーイーストサイド)




その後、キャシーは体重も増え、皮膚病もすっかり治りました。 いまではキャシーの毛並みはツヤツヤしていて、小さな丸いタバコの焦げ跡もほとんど見えなくなっています。不妊手術も受けさせました。繰り返し繰り返し子どもを産まされたので、ホルモンバランスがめちゃくちゃになっていたのです。キャシーは私の幼い娘にとてもなついていて、我が家の他の2匹の犬ともとても仲良しです。さらに、キャシーは泳ぐのが大好きということもわかりました!投げたボールを追いかけては持ち帰ってくる遊びも大好きです。もし3年前に本当に12歳だったなら、キャシーはいま15歳ということになりますが、私にはちょっと信じられません。たしかに顔には白い毛が目立ってきていますが、キャシーはいまでも長いハイキングで私についてくるし、海辺に行くとクタクタになるまで泳ぎやボール遊びを続けます。キャシーはピットブルという犬種のお手本のような犬です。ピットがあまり好きではないというひとでも、キャシーが楽しそうに尻尾を振ると立ち止まってキャシーをなでてくれます。太陽の光を浴びながらお昼寝するのが大好きで、お散歩に行ったり泳いだりするだけで幸せで、歩きながら尻尾を振り続けます。



(追伸) キャシーはお返ししません。 

 ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆










東京都福祉保健局の動物愛護読本集 『犬を飼うってステキです・・・か?』ほか


(追記) このブログページを上のクレイグズリストの広告主に送り、事後報告になってしまうけどわたしのブログであなたの手紙と写真を紹介してもいい?と尋ねたら、キャシーの飼い主のアレックスさんという方から、「もちろん、喜んで!」というお返事を頂きました。Thank you, Alex!

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